Celtic artwork, like the philosophy of the people, is influenced by many elements and travels through many dimensions.
Fluid representations of the physical world blend delicately with the ethereal otherworld to create images of great complexity and beauty.

From the gentle rhythm of coursing knotwork to the sharp, dynamic movements of key patterns, the Art of the Celts is a living entity.

To the Celts all things of the earth are treated with respect. Air, water, animals, trees and stones are all considered sacred and hold their place not only in the daily life of Celtic culture but also in the mysteries surrounding Celtic religion.

There are no distinct boundaries between this world and the otherworld, nor between birth, life and death. The phases of life are envisaged as an endless journey and so the endless knot of Celtic art represents the binding of the soul to the earth, the eternal travel of the human spirit through successive incarnations on a search for sacred and divine wisdom.

Celtic tradition, as reflected in the artwork, features much symbology. From the Tree of Life to the creatures of the earth that dwell in and around it, symbolic representations may be as varied as visual interpretations.

"Whilst for many centuries the Celts were a formidable force, their ways and beliefs were gradually displaced by Christian thought. Although numerous highly crafted pre-Christian artefacts have provided an insight into Celtic art and culture, it is through magnificent works of discipline such as the Lindisfarne Gospels and the exquisitely detailed Book of Kells that I draw much of my inspiration.

The world of Celtic art is one of endless beauty and enthralling imagery. My passionate love for it has provided me with a desire to continue the ancient traditions for future generations". - Leigh Whetter.

Leigh's artwork has won several awards including a Gold Medal at the 1998 Australian National Print Awards, the "Celtic Thistle" award, and has been deemed a "Celtic Spirit" website, for contribution to the heritage and arts of the Celtic people.